Hi there! I’m a content strategist by day…sounds exciting, right?!? Big yawn!!! It pays the bills and everyone needs some $$$. To give me a break from the boredom of writing insurance letters, I’ve been creating music to keep true creativity flowing in my brain. I played North By North East a few times, wrote original music for fashion shows in Stockholm and Los Angeles, won a songwriting award which took me overseas, and remixed lots of different artists. Music is in my blood – listening and creating.

Wow, that was a super weird tangent that took us away from how I got into painting…well, I’ve always enjoyed galleries and modern art. It has influenced my music – I like to conjure up visuals with the sound I make. So, I wanted to see if the reverse would happen, so I bought some art supplies, put on some music, and let things flow. That’s how I got here. No, I haven’t been trained and instead I just let things happen naturally. It’s much like the way I work on music – by ear and this is by eye.

I think that the fluidity between art and music can make both stronger. All of my pieces were inspired by a song.

Painting + Music = Art